At this point in the year, all kinds of endings-for-now are happening. There are not any more major holidays (at least for a few weeks). Students are planning for their final exams. Graduation parties are being planned. The excitement that long, sunny days and family time are just around the corner lights each week a bit more than the one prior.

The end of school year ministries here at Holy Cross, such as WILD Wednesday, Soccer Ministry, Youth Night, etc. have already/are also happening soon. This group of ministries includes N. Dallas Shared Ministries’ English classes here on campus.

This Thursday morning, I was able to attend and participate in the graduation of more than 80 English students from their current level to the next, or even from the program altogether. It was a beautiful celebration of hard work and encouragement including diplomas, lots of photos, and a huge lunch to celebrate the end-for-now.

I noticed so many conversations that morning that included language of planning for the future: “I’ll see you next semester”, “We will practice over the summer”, “Please tell me when registration starts”, and more. Even in the midst of celebrating, there was a look toward what comes next. Even though a year was ending, there was an understanding that it’s not over yet!

What a great mindset for this Easter season! We have, as the Church, just experienced again in our year the resurrection of the King. As much as we celebrate this season, we recognize that there’s more to come! We live in the tension of the already and the not yet. We are still given the opportunity to grow in our own language as Christians: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. We recognize in the Easter season that Jesus completed all on our behalf, but in our life with him, we still get to prepare and look forward to what he has next for us. May we find the places where that is true and causes summer-like celebration!

Holy Week Services at Holy Cross Lutheran Church