(Not) Getting What I Deserve this Christmas

Tis the season for over-excitement and sugar, and consequently we have had some trouble recently getting our 8-year-old son to settle in for the night. We are throwing everything we have in our parenting playbook at the problem. Sticking to a routine – check. Limiting caffeine – check. Rewarding positive behavior – check. Resorting to …

For Me?

Giving. It’s the theme for this week’s Red Letter Challenge. What’s the best gift you’ve ever received? What’s the most excited you’ve ever been to give a gift? Who was the recipient? I think giving and receiving are intertwined in emotion, values, and results. There is surprise, expectation, love, generosity, and grace.  All sorts of …


Lenten / Easter Services

Maundy Thursday (4/6) – 7 pm
Good Friday (4/7) – 7 pm
Easter Sunday (4/9) – 9:30 am