Watching and Waiting

How good are you at waiting, being patient, letting things flow naturally? It’s tough, isn’t it? In a microwave world we want it yesterday. But in our text today, we learn the importance of a follower of Jesus learning to watch and wait for His return. Where we hoped it would have happened yesterday, the Lord tells us only to be prepared, but nothing more. Listen in as we explore “watching and waiting” and being prepared for the return of Jesus!

Freedom or Captivity?

The worst bondage is the kind that the prisoner does not recognize. She thinks she is free, yet she is really a slave. The religious people of the day thought they were free, but they were actually enslaved to sin and Satan. They would not face the truth, and it was the truth alone that could set them free. Do you know this truth? What forms of enslavement vie for your soul? Discuss with a close friend how Jesus and His Word are “chain breakers,” freeing us to live for Him and the good of our neighbor.

Honoring Caesar, Obeying God

In this week’s message, Pastor Tom looks at Jesus’ well-known saying, “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and render unto God what is God’s.” In an election year what are the implications for us in relation to the government and to our neighbor? Are our loyalties to “church and state” at odds with one another or is there a way to be both a faithful follower of Christ and a faithful citizen, regardless where we live?

Rejecting Jesus

In our text today from the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus confronts the religious hypocrisy of the day while calling the faithful to a life of fruitful discipleship. What context do you find yourself in? Who is in your sphere of influence? Where is Jesus calling you to serve His Kingdom? Listen in as we discover more about the Son of God who came to save us and send us forth into the world!

A Question of Authority

It’s impossible to live without dealing with authority! Whether it is answering to the authority of others or stewarding the authority given to us, we all deal with the issue on a daily basis. In today’s text, Jesus exposes the hypocrisy of the religious leaders and establishes the rightful authority of God’s Kingdom. What does this mean for us today? Join us as we explore this challenging text and see what powerful truths it holds for each of us.

In the Service of the King

As disciples of Jesus we are privileged to be in the service of the King. Yet, that privilege does not bring us the best seats at the concert or make us first in line to board an airplane. The privilege of serving the King is a privilege of attitude, an attitude that doesn’t look for personal gain, but instead looks to make eternal investments in the Kingdom. Where has Christ called you to make eternal investments? Have you ever stumbled into believing that you are serving in order to be rewarded? Have you ever grown weary of laboring in the King’s vineyard? Take your joys and frustrations of service to the King in prayer!