Text: Philippians 3:12-16

Series: Renovate

Preacher: Pastor Tom Zucconi

Description: We all know that buildings, including our homes, require continual care and sometimes complete renovations, but have you ever thought of yourself as being “worked on” or “renovated” in your life of faith? In his letter to the Philippian Christians, the apostle Paul uses this idea of construction (or repair) upon the people of God. That we are, in a right way, a project, attended to by the Master Craftsman who is continuously caring for His creation, using the power of the Gospel to heal and reshape us into the people He is calling us to be. It’s what Paul calls in verse 6, a “good work” in us. Today, we are in WEEK 3 of our series on this “good work,” discovering what the Lord is up to in our lives. Welcome to all who join us for worship!

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