Preacher: Tom Zucconi

Text: John 12 and James 5

Palm Sunday is historically a day of triumph, a glance at the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem amongst all the fanfare and celebration. But what the crowd doesn’t know, however, is that they misunderstand the timetable. Where there was a rush to kingship, they will have to wait. Where there was a rush to triumph, there first awaited a tragedy. Jesus did what the Father called him to do, but he prayed and taught along the way. He also waited. He waited and suffered. God’s answer was not in the immediacy of the moment like the crowd wanted, but it was on the horizon. If only the crowd was able to look a few days ahead—if only you and I can look a few days ahead. Perspective is key! This morning, we join the crowd and pray our perspective is a godly, Christ centered one!

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