Preacher: Tom Zucconi

Text: Various

Good Friday continues the three-day observance (Triduum) of Christ’s Passover, marking the day of his crucifixion. As such, it is a day for repentance of sin, focus on the cross, and restrained joy for our redemption. In keeping with this auspicious day, elaborate words of praise are omitted and the altar remains bare. The central focus of the service is the reading of the remaining verses of the Passion Account from St. Matthew. The service is one of “Tenebrae” (darkness). The service will conclude with an ancient liturgy of Scripture and responses known as the “Reproaches.” These are words of the Lord against His people, to which the congregation replies with pleas for mercy and declarations of faith. Given the solemnity of the day, prayerful meditation is encouraged. The service is also marked by a note of triumph, since God’s faithful know of the resurrection to come.

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