“…I preached that they should repent and turn to God and demonstrate their repentance by their deeds.” -Acts 26:20

“There is no worse blindness than not wanting to see.” -Hispanic proverb

I don’t know what your experience was growing up, if you have children, nor in what manner you have raised them or are currently doing so. In my case, my mother was the one who interactively raised us. Our family was nine people total, and all I remember is that we were not very obedient. We knew that on the fifth time she had to call us, we were in trouble, so we learned to listen on the fourth time. Very astute, right?

When it came time to raise my own children, I didn’t know how to do it well, but thankfully my wife did. I left behind my “macho” pride and asked for help. I began to take classes on how to be a good parent so that when my first child was born I would have better understanding. Thanks be to God that we were able to raise our children well.

Although my example was about raising children, I think that idea applies to all of us. It is always worth asking God to help us identify where our weaknesses might make our relationships more difficult or broken and also how we might make the decision to repent of our pride and our attitudes to grow. By his grace may we grow bit by bit to become more like Jesus in all that we do.

Lord Jesus, thank you for forgiving me my sins and giving me grace for my life to change for good. Amen

Pastor Beto Alzate