Last week I got two new tires before my trip down to Austin for a friend’s wedding. No pressing matter or unusual problem, just run-of-the-mill maintenance. I drove down to Austin, had a great time celebrating a new union in Christ and drove back to Dallas. On my drive back to Dallas was when I found out why I had gotten new tires. I was cruising on the highway when a semi-truck cuts me off in close quarters. I slam on the breaks and slow down with ease. In that moment I immediately realized something very important. I had been wavering on whether or not to get new tires before the trip. Wondering if I could wait another month but I finally decided, better to be safe than sorry. I realized as I was slamming on my breaks, that God knew I would be cut off on my drive home. He knew I needed to get new tires before the trip and used other experiences to help me make the right decision.

What I learned is twofold. God provides even when we are not paying attention.  God has always provided for me. This last year continues to add onto the proof. He provided a great team to do ministry with. He provided a great home to live in and a wonderful friend to live with.  He provided a community to grow my faith with and a community to share my faith in. He provided opportunities to mold and shape the next generation of leaders. I have everything I need.  Last week he provided safe travels, but unlike all the examples I just listed last week I wasn’t looking for His provision. I sought him out to provide good relationships, living situations, and work opportunities. I realized how much God does when I am not looking and I was thankful. My encouragement to you all is to look for God in the small moments. Look for Him during Dallas rush hour traffic. Look for Him in areas of your life that you don’t normally, like buying new tires. My prayer is that you see, just like I did, how much the God of the universe does for you; He will never leave you, nor forsake you and is always looking out for you. He loves you more than any word or human action can describe. You are His beloved child and He will provide.


Haley Davisson
Haley Davisson is a native of Albuquerque New Mexico. She moved to Texas at 18 to attend Concordia University Texas and received her Bachelor’s Degree as a Director of Christian Education in April of 2017. She served at Redeeming Grace Lutheran Church and Redeemer Lutheran Church, working with high school and middle school students, while in college. Currently, she works with high school, middle school and elementary students at Holy Cross Lutheran Church.

She is an avid rock climber, swing dancer, and adventurer! She loves spending time with family and friends; making memories, laughing and being an all around prankster! She loves to laugh and hates Texas weather (New Mexico is so much more consistent)