A common saying from a mission organization that I am part of is that “the point of going [on a trip] is leaving,” and it seems like a new realization every time I go away and come back. I’m not sure why I have such amnesia–But the saying has shown true so many times that I believe we can all be encouraged by it. The idea is that leaving our routines, the things we do by rote, can make an impact.

Theology on Tap had its first retreat weekend this month, and it was a great trip. A group of us young adults rented a cabin in southern Oklahoma, carried along some food and Bible study materials, and spent the weekend in the woods. It is a beautiful place, and for the intent of coming together more closely as a group and for a spiritual retreat, it was ideal. Not only were we away from our usual weekend routines and the city noise and lights, we had spotty (if any) cell service.

We had disconnected from the norm in many senses of the word, but as great as the weekend was, it was what we brought home with us that matters more. I’ve felt “reset” in needing to answer notifications on my phone, in spending time in the Word without agenda, in taking time for true rest, and in spending time intentionally with people that matter a lot to me. A simple change in routine for 3 days was more than enough to remind me that investing in others matters.

As we continue the current series on being fishers of men, we are reminded to step out of the “current” of our routines and to invite others to be part of what God is doing in our lives and in our community. We can all be encouraged by investing in others. My prayer for us all is that we would look for opportunities to do just that!

Megan Armendariz
Megan is the administrator at Holy Cross. She is originally from the Chicago area and went to college in Wisconsin and in Seville, Spain. She is bilingual in Spanish and loves to teach ESL here at Holy Cross for N. Dallas Shared Ministries and WILD Wednesday. She and her husband Francisco love to travel, try new foods, and cheer on their favorite teams.