If you asked me, “Haley, describe yourself life in one word.”  New would be my answer. I have a new second job at Central Market. I am working with new people in a new environment. I’m balancing two jobs instead of one. I am doing new ministry. I have new hours. I am experiencing new kinds of tired, new friendships and new joy in Jesus. I am eating new foods. For example, I tried caviar for the first time this week and last week I tried fruits with names I can barely pronounce. All of it is extraordinary even when it’s hard. There has been a ton of growth in the last 3 months and even though I have been labeled as “having it together” it is all new and crazy.

However, with all this “new,” I still catch myself thinking I am stagnant and old. Then I am reminded of what Paul says in his second letter to the Corinthians. “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!” I often forget that this means each and every day Christ makes me new. It’s not a once and for all quick fix new, it’s a daily new, washing away the old every day until one day in heaven the washing is no longer necessary. My prayer is that if you are in a season of new, like I am, you will also be reminded that Jesus washes away the old every day even when it’s overwhelming. His love and sacrifice washes the old away and He uses new experiences as part of the washing experience. You are not alone. You are loved. Each day he does what you need to grow. You are new here and now.

Haley Davisson
Haley Davisson is a native of Albuquerque New Mexico. She moved to Texas at 18 to attend Concordia University Texas and received her Bachelor’s Degree as a Director of Christian Education in April of 2017. She served at Redeeming Grace Lutheran Church and Redeemer Lutheran Church, working with high school and middle school students, while in college. Currently, she works with high school, middle school and elementary students at Holy Cross Lutheran Church.

She is an avid rock climber, swing dancer, and adventurer! She loves spending time with family and friends; making memories, laughing and being an all around prankster! She loves to laugh and hates Texas weather (New Mexico is so much more consistent)