Monday’s are my favorite days. You might be saying why on earth would Monday be your favorite? Well, Monday’s are reserved for Theology on Tap, a time of fellowship and deep study. This Monday was no exception.

We’re studying through Esther and something really struck me this week. Here is what stuck out to me:

Haman decides to have Mordecai killed but needs permission so he heads to the palace. The same night the king can’t sleep and realizes he hasn’t honored Mordecai for saving his life. Enter Haman. The king asks him how he would honor a man who found favor with the king. Haman launches into this fantasy list, thinking the king is talking about him. The king says great now go do all those things for Mordecai.  (Paraphrased Esther 5:14- 6:10)

As we read this I couldn’t help but realize Mordecai has no idea this is happening. God is working to protect him from evil intent. It’s either an incredible coincidence or it is God’s sovereign planning.  It is much like the way cogs work, each tooth fits into a groove and we don’t usually see them.

I have been pondering all week how incredible that is. Our God is working on our behalf when we have absolutely no clue. He is protecting us. He has planned out each and every moment. Nothing is outside of His grasp. We, by virtue of our baptism and Jesus’ death, are always within His loving arms.

I know that some days it is hard to trust that truth when you are in the midst of a storm. Each storm seems heavier than the last. It’s tempting to think then, “Well the cogs must not be fitting together so God stopped working for me” but sometimes in the midst of tragedy or suffering we can see Him working even more clearly.  Losing my grandpa unexpectedly seemed like it was going to break me, at first. Yet, it didn’t, not because I am unbreakable but because My Lord is. He carried me through and gave me a life boat. He gave me the community here; the people who love me and whom I love. I saw how he was putting people in my life all along to help me get through this storm.

My prayer for anyone reading this is that you always remember He is working for you even when you have no clue. He is sovereign and He loves you more than life itself. He will never leave or forsake you.

Haley Davisson
Haley Davisson is a native of Albuquerque New Mexico. She moved to Texas at 18 to attend Concordia University Texas and received her Bachelor’s Degree as a Director of Christian Education in April of 2017. She served at Redeeming Grace Lutheran Church and Redeemer Lutheran Church, working with high school and middle school students, while in college. Currently, she works with high school, middle school and elementary students at Holy Cross Lutheran Church.

She is an avid rock climber, swing dancer, and adventurer! She loves spending time with family and friends; making memories, laughing and being an all around prankster! She loves to laugh and hates Texas weather (New Mexico is so much more consistent)