Psalm 19:7 “The law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul; the testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple…”

One Sunday afternoon, I was resting at home when a woman called, crying and very upset.

“Pastor Beto, could you come to my house? We’re in a really bad situation and need your help right now, please come.”

Once at their house, the woman told me that her daughter had been letting her boyfriend come through the window of her bedroom, and the family hadn’t even met him. She told me that her husband had heard a sound in the night and went to check on their daughter when he found the boy in her room. They had called the police, but they hadn’t been able to press charges because he was a minor and he wasn’t making her let him inside.

The situation had ended the stability and confidence in their household. They were all asking what they did wrong, where they had failed, why their daughter had done this to them, and why their daughter had exposed them all to a stranger in the house.

Looking at their faces, the whole family looked as if their lives were ruined. The daughter hung her head, ashamed and looking exposed in her guilt.

For me, it was a really sad and difficult situation; this family knew me because I went to their home for a weekly Bible study. God had brought me into this moment to speak to them about His love and forgiveness that we don’t deserve. It helped their hearts in that moment to take that pain and put it into God’s hands and to forgive their daughter.

After a while, and many tears, they decided to spend time in God’s Word. The daughter had also asked forgiveness of her parents and brother. The family began to reflect on how God used that situation to show them His heart and how they had actually been distant from Him, even while they had been hosting a Bible study in their home. They hadn’t been taking Scripture to heart. They asked forgiveness as a family for this and decided to follow His Word in their lives. The studies we had after that event were incredible, because their family had been apathetic before, but after became much more enthusiastic to learn and to live differently.

The daughter ended up separating herself from that boyfriend, and her brother grew much closer to God and his sister after that happened. The parents gave thanks to God, with tears in their eyes, for having saved their lives as a family and for protecting their home.

At one celebration, the daughter gave her testimony about how God had transformed her life and that she now has joy. She continues studying and received a scholarship to study at a university. She is constantly encouraging other youth to give over their lives to and to put hope in God.

By Pastor Beto Alzate