There’s Never Enough…..

As I reflect on the last 3 months I’ve noticed a few things. There’s never enough time, my to do list keeps growing while the hours of the day fly away.  I feel like I blinked on June 1st and ended up at September 6th when I opened my eyes.  I’m not smart enough, savvy enough, and wise enough. I’m not quick enough on my feet to answer questions about Jesus or interject Him into teen’s lives. I don’t have enough experiences to share. I don’t have enough time to make new friend and maintain old friendships.  (I know this seems like I’m just beating myself up, I promise I have a point, so keep reading) I’m running around, working hard, doing my best, praying that I don’t screw up too badly and EVEN that isn’t enough. Some days it has felt like I was being hit by wave after wave and couldn’t get up for air.

Then Jesus flipped my world upside-down.  I read a devotion written by Sheila Walsh, talking about the feeding of the five thousand in Mark. Jesus asks his disciples what they HAVE and they tell him. He takes it, blesses it and sends them out to feed the crowd and they come back with left overs. 5 loaves and 2 fish wasn’t even close to what would feed that many people and yet Jesus like always makes it abundantly enough.  All of the things, that made me feel “not enough,” were too much to handle  by myself; that if I gave it over to Jesus he would take it and make me abundantly enough.

He makes me abundantly enough each new day. Some days I don’t know how, just like the disciples probably felt, but He helps me accomplish exactly what He needs each day. I’ve still got a lot of learning to do but I know I have a fantastic place to do it. I am so grateful for the community of loving people I am surrounded by, all of you are instrumental to my success both as a intern and a sister Christian. My prayer is that if anyone else is struggling with feeling as if they are not enough whether emotionally, socially, religiously, relationally or professionally, that you would see Jesus waiting with open arms to receive your “not enough” and make it abundantly more than you can fathom.  Because with Jesus….

There’s Always Enough!


Haley Davisson
DCE Intern