It’s hot already. Humid too. And it’s only May!  But that’s Texas for you. What’s the solution?  Well, if you’re a kid, you jump in the pool! Which is exactly what my 11 year-old-daughter and two of her friends did this past Friday.

I grew up in Texas and today’s climbing temperatures remind me of my childhood.  The solution back then was the same as it is today–go jump in the pool.  Cool down and chill out. Of course, jumping in a pool is not as easy now as it was then—especially since we don’t own one.  Glad we have relatives who do!

But did you know that swimming, however refreshing for the body, is also refreshing for the soul?  Why?  Because instead of swimming in water, the soul swims in grace.

Think about that—swimming in grace, a grace so deep and wide that we cannot measure its width or depth. (Unlike our suburban pools!) A grace so wide and deep that it is the greatest of God’s works for us …the greatest of works manifested in Christ crucified and Christ resurrected so that unlike water that evaporates and disappears, we always have an image before us—an image of grace, an image of mercy, and image of Jesus. Certainly, that’s refreshing for the soul.

As adults, we might say that it’s too early to go swimming, even in Texas. The girls had a little chill every time they climbed in and out of the water. Even so, it didn’t stop them from diving back in and enjoying it.  But I asked myself, “Do I long for His grace? Am I as eager to experience it as kids are to swim?” So I prayed, “Lord, give me that child-like glee of swimming as you refresh me in your grace. May my joy of being enveloped in it be as noisy and laugh-filled as a pool full of kids on a hot, Texas day.”

For me it comes down to this: no matter where we are on a hot day, cooling down with a swim is refreshing, a great way to chill out.  But nothing beats swimming in the waters of His grace, a grace for an eternity with Him.

Swimming in His Grace,



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Pastor Tom Zucconi
Pastor Tom is a native of Dallas and grew up in Richardson. He is a graduate of Jesuit High School and is a two-time TCU alum. Pastor Tom is married to Jennifer, and they have three daughters, Megan, Allison, and Nina. During his time in ministry, Pastor Tom has served in Metro Detroit, the Akron-Cleveland area, and for the last few years, a missional effort in Atlanta called Sanctus Communities. You can follow Pastor Tom on Twitter at @RevMacaroni where he pursues his interests in theology, the Dallas Cowboys, classic cars, and anything Italian.