Farewell is not Goodbye

It seems odd to write my last blog for Holy Cross when it has become such a normal rhythm every month. For the past three years, each month I would think about my life and what God was showing me in it and then write it down to share with all of you. This month […]

Calling the Unexpected

I got a new app on my phone called “Quiet Time” which offers its users a way to experience daily worship in a way that works for them. Shameless plug, if you want to be consistent about your worship and reflecting on Gods word, get this app. Recently, I did a session on Luke 5:27-32 […]

Trust in Uncertainty

I have this playlist called, “Soul Music” and over the years I have collected songs that have deeply touched my heart and soul where my faith is concerned. Most of them come from high school, a few from college and one or two post-college.  This is the playlist I often listen to as I work […]

Viruses, Vexation and Verses

Working in a grocery store during COVID-19 has been quite the experience. I have a front row seat to the human range of emotions, from grateful compassion to downright rude and disrespectful. However, the most prevalent emotion has been fear. It’s why I cannot stock the shelves fast enough. People are afraid of what this […]

To all my “Ruths”

So, February is undeniably all about love. Not just any love; romantic love, and around every corner! If I’m honest, as a single, young, twenty-something, it grates on my heart. It’s very easy to throw a pity party! “Woe is me, I’m all alone and everyone is in love and adorable with their cute lovey […]

Drop the carrot this January!

January is always the month of new: new year, new you, new church series and so on. It also holds a special new for me; a new age. As I reflected on this new age, (I won’t tell you which) I started to think about my identity. Who is Haley? A realization struck me. For […]

New Furniture, New Life in Jesus

Many of you know that my mom and grandma visited me this Thanksgiving. It was wonderful! My mom got here a few days early and lovingly looked at me and said, “Honey, you have a lot of clutter. What do you think about doing some rearranging and paring down?” Now, at first, I was a […]

The Business of Resurrection

This past week in Dallas, we experienced a tragedy. Thankfully, we grieve only buildings and not lost lives. This is the first tornado that I have ever lived through and it is by far the most terrifying and unpredictable natural disaster. As I drove through the carnage on my way to my second job I […]