Mission, Vision, & Core Attitudes


“Loved by Jesus and growing in faith, we serve our neighbor



Holy Cross will be a community of people that experience Christ’s love in such a profound way that we become His agents of grace and transformation to the people and neighborhoods we serve.


Core Attitudes:

  1. We recognize our own messy, broken relationship before God and dependence on Christ to reconcile us into a right relationship with him.
  2. We meet people where they are in a messy, broken world and walk with them towards peace in their relationship with God and others.
  3. We are committed to showing Christ’s love by serving our community in Northwest Dallas and, as we are able, serving those beyond.
  4. We embrace that for God’s will to be best known and followed, we must be willing to put aside our own will and desires.
  5. We equip, train and release individuals to live out their mission; offering their lives and resources in service to God.
  6. We share contagious enthusiasm by continually celebrating what God is doing in, through and around us.