One thing in my life that tends to goes to all extremes is spending daily time reading the Bible. I will be super consistent for a season, share with others where I am reading and discuss it, journal what I’m understanding, use a Bible study resource, etc. and in other seasons – almost none of it. In those seasons where I struggle to find a “groove” for a time or a desire to read, a process I have learned along the way continues to help me, and I pray it may help you, as well!

As you sit before a passage of Scripture, read straight through it once. When you have chosen your starting and stopping points, think about these questions as you read through it again:

What do I notice the most about this section? Is there anything repetitive, striking, or unusual happening here?

What about this passage comforts me or makes me uncomfortable in what I am reading? Why?

What don’t I understand about this passage? Who or what can I reference to help me understand better?

How would my life be different if I applied what I just read, and what would a prayer including the truth of this passage look like for me?

May the Lord continue to strengthen and encourage you, and may you be refreshed in your time in His Word in this season. Amen!


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