They were filled with the Holy Spirit, and they began to speak in other tongues.

Acts 2:4

Have you ever been in a place where people spoke a language that wasn’t yours and you also didn’t speak theirs? I experienced that a few years ago when I was in Germany on the way to Sweden; I remember that people spoke to me in German, English, and Swedish, but I didn’t understand anything. It was an experience that is hard to forget, but in the end, everything was okay.

I am often reminded of that time when I counsel couples who are dealing with problems in their relationship. It’s as if they are speaking two different languages, and sadly, it doesn’t always end well. However, when God by his Holy Spirit fills a person and their life, all that confusion and ill-will in their relationships fade little by little, and the new life in Christ becomes part of their home, bringing joy to all who live there.

For this reason, we should acknowledge before our Lord Jesus all of our sin and thank him for bringing his joy to our lives and for filling us with his Holy Spirit.

Lord Jesus, I give you thanks for sending your Holy Spirit to dwell in us and to bring freedom to have healthy relationships with one another. Amen.